What I’ve learned about being a Step-dad


Ok, so it only took me two weeks to realize that there was this About page and that I needed to write something on it.  So here it is.

I’m TheStepDad…  Living in New York I’m writing this step parenting blog on my weekly adventures as a stepparent.  Most of what I’ll write is what I’ve experienced in the past that relates to what happened this week.  So if you find me telling a lot of stories about my childhood, well that’s because I was a step child as well.  So I’m going to try and relate the events of the week by introducing the events in my childhood that relate.  Hopefully it gives the feeling of connection so that I can better explain both sides of the story. 

Want to know more about me, check out my First Things First post, it’s my very first post.  It explains a lot about me and what I’m doing here. 

Well, I hope you all enjoy.  And please by all means leave comments, criticisms, and questions as you like.  I look forward to hearing from you all.  And Don’t forget to check out my friends links along the side.  Some really fun and interesting stuff.

Ciao for now and have fun,


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